Fencing & Fence Repair

The Eagle Roofing Company know the importance of installing a new fence on your property can add value, security, and privacy. We specialize in all types of wood and steel fences at competitive prices and with unbeatable warranties. Our pre-stained cedar fences come with a workmanship warranty.

The major wood types are spruce, pine, cedar, plastic wrought iron. All of our projects we use only the best Western Red Cedar and recommend it being pre-dipped for a longer lasting investment. We do side by side, privacy (board on board), or a custom design.

Fences of all wood types have a hard time in the harsh Texas climate without regular maintenance. We recommend addressing any issues with your fence as soon as possible to eliminate future problems and increased maintenance costs. The Eagle Roofing Company can replace pickets, rails, trim, and can reset or replace posts.

Fence Types:

  • Pre-stained Cedar
  • Board on Board
  • Side By Side Cedar
  • Horizontal
  • Spruce
  • Shadow Box
  • Wrought Iron
  • Retaining Walls


Indications For Fence Repair:

  • Leaning and/or broken posts
  • Detached fence panels
  • Sagging and/or unaligned gates
  • Warped and/or split pickets, rails, or posts
  • Loose pickets, rails, or trim

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